Choose a Beautiful Wood Table for Your Home in Houston, Ropesville or Lubbock, TX

Explore handcrafted hardwood tables in Ropesville, TX

Since your dining room table is one of the first things people notice about your home, use it to make a statement. Hire a craftsman from Melton LLC of Ropesville, TX to design your new dining table. Choose from a huge selection of woods, stains and designs to perfectly accent your home.

Our designers can make your dream dining room table a reality. Contact us today to get started on your custom handcrafted hardwood table.

How can you customize your table?

With our handcrafted hardwood tables, you can choose:

  • The wood - we specialize in African mahogany, Black Limba, black walnut, Bubinga, elm parota, monkey pod and mesquite.
  • The shape - consider whether a rectangle, square, circle or live-edge table would fit in your space.
  • The color - choose a transparent stain to bring out the natural wood color or a commercial-grade finish to make your table gleam.



The possibilities are practically endless. Call 806-562-4413 now to arrange for custom woodworking services in the Ropesville, TX area.